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Kosas Tinted Face Oil Review

For the second installment of our foundation week, I wanted to review the Kosas Tinted Face Oil. When I saw this brand landed at Sephora I knew I had to try this product. I saw Estee Lalonde use it, I saw JaimePaige use it (sadness she did not enjoy it) but I didn’t see too many other people talk about it. I thought this … Read More Kosas Tinted Face Oil Review


Burt’s Bees Foundation Review

As you all know I live for the Burt’s Bees makeup line, I love pretty much everything I’ve tried…except the foundation. I bought this a bit after I did my review on their other makeup products. I bought this because my blogger curiosity got the best of me despite reading and watching mediocre reviews in the beauty community. This review might be late in … Read More Burt’s Bees Foundation Review


Blune Day 6: Using Clean makeup for two weeks

First of all a before I get into my fun experiment, a definition for clean makeup: it is makeup with no toxic ingredients like parabens, talc. The ingredients must be sustainably sourced, ethically sourced, and non toxic to human health and the environment. Think brands like RMS, Jane Iredale, Bite Beauty, Burts Bees! As a result of this understanding and in the name of … Read More Blune Day 6: Using Clean makeup for two weeks

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