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Glossier Dupes and Alternatives

As we all know, Glossier is in hot water with its treatment of employees. I wanted to curate a little dupes and alternatives post for you in order to fully encapsulate the best dupes I could find for you.  The Glossier lid star. This is a more sheer liquid shadow that creates a nice worn look on the lid. There are actually not too … Read More Glossier Dupes and Alternatives


Drugstore Formulas as Good as High End Makeup

There is a well known fact on my blog lately, that I have strayed from affordable makeup that I used to love and use. I still love affordable makeup don’t get me wrong, but as someone who has been dabbling a bit more into the world of luxury and high end but drugstore is still one of my favourite parts of the beauty industry. … Read More Drugstore Formulas as Good as High End Makeup


Alternatives to NARS Forte De France

Okay, it’s no secret that I love luxury products. I won’t deny that to ya’ll. I do. I admit, when I see the Anna edit using NARS I’m like, well crap I need that now. But, I understand that people might not support NARS as a brand or just don’t want to spend $50 on a highlighter. I’ve rounded up a few alternatives and … Read More Alternatives to NARS Forte De France


Are MAC Lipsticks worth it?

The age old question, are MAC cosmetics lipsticks worth it? In the YouTube and beauty blogging space MAC was such a thing at the beginning times. Everyone had a “my favourite MAC lipsticks” video and a “MAC products you need”. I personally have had a few MAC products before including their lip liner in Strip down and their brown pencil in fling. I broke … Read More Are MAC Lipsticks worth it?

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