Rolling Project 10 Pan 2019 intro

I am so excited to start my new project pan for 2019. I have picked a product from all the categories in my makeup collection. A cream, powder and of course a matte and shimmery bronzer. I have a few set goals in mind and I will be rolling in products as I go. If I either finish one, or if I get extremely bored by one I will just roll in a new one. I will attempt to update monthly but if I don’t have significant progress than I will forgo the update for that month.

The base products

First Aid Beauty Tinted Moisturizer

I really like this, however it does pull a bit dark on me. I am hoping to finish this within the first month of this project and by the next update roll something new in.

Revlon concealer

This concealer is amazing, I really like it. I can feel like it’s nearing it’s end. I hope to also be done this by the first update and roll in something new.

Nudestix Tinted blur stick

Again, another of my favourite base products. I LOVE this so much. It is so sheer and creates a dewy finish even with its blurring properties. I also think this is something I can have finished by the next update.

The Body Shop multi stick

This was a favourite from summer 2016-17 and I wanted to get more use out of it. It doesn’t appear to be available online anymore but I am sure you can find it in store. I am hoping to finish this one this year or at least, see a significant shortening (is that a word) of the stick itself.

Physicians Formula Butter blush

This is also in my project pan roulette, okay is this cheating? Yes quite possible. But I really like it and want to hit pan on it.  It is a perfect nude blush for my skin tone and it gives my cheeks a healthy glow.

Physicians Formula Butter bronzer

I have already hit pan on it and hope to further expand the pan. I still enjoy this and hope that I can finish it this year.

Joe Fresh Highlighter

I chose a few highlighters for this project. A girl has got to have choices. I do quite like this and it is a bit older in my collection so I want to see this used as much as I can. Hopefully I can see some progress each month!

Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette

This is another older product in my collection and I’m not sure they sell this exact shade anymore. As you might remember, my products on the chopping block this was in it. I discovered I love the bronzer and want to hit pan on this one this year.

Essence pure nude highlighter

This was one of my first YouTube made me buy it products. I do quite enjoy this highlighter. It is subtle and pretty and never fails me.

Becca Champagne Pop

A moment of silence for the fallen one. I can still use this despite it’s appearance. I can use this with my finger and with a brush still. I think it will actually be quite easy to use up so it was a good attainable project pan goal for me to have this year.

Are you doing a project pan this year?

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Updated “No Makeup Makeup products”

As I said in my last one of these posts I don’t know how I feel about the no makeup makeup term. I like to think of it as a minimal makeup look – but can use the same amount of products its just the techniques you use to use these products. I like to do this kind of look when I’m just, to be quite honest a feeling a bit lazy that day but still want a bit of something something. Granted, now that I am a new grad and am in a transitional period I have a lot more time to do my makeup and have been doing more fun eye shadow looks and such but I still have some new tried and true makeup I use when I’m not feeling like a full glam look aka no makeup makeup items in the beauty world. I would also like to note this is completely subjective, so what I may use might be way too much for you or way to little! It’s all personal preference!


The actual base


The most important step to any makeup routine is skincare. Skincare is so important to creating a smooth and clean surface for makeup. I generally do three (yes three) hydrating products in the morning. I usually rinse my face with warm water, then put on my toner and use a hydrating serum, essence, and moisturizer. Some mornings I do just a serum and moisturizer and other mornings I do the whole shebang, it just depends on my mood. The reason (besides the obscene amount of highlighter I use) that my face glows and is dewy is that I always use a army of hydrating products.

The undetectable base


Nudestix tinted blur stick. This is hands down and all time favourite of mine. It adjusts to the shade pigments in your skin and it just has this beautiful skin like finish. I hydrate intensely beforehand as I do with most things. Review here

Glowy primer. I am a fan of the glow (as you might be able to tell I’m going to be “dewy until the day I die” – Katie Jane Huges). I have been enjoying the Physicians formula spotlight primer and would like to try the Bare Minerals Foundation Primer brightening next or the Milani strobe and pore minimizing one! This is just a beautiful way to add glow and light to the skin without having to put on a foundation.

As for a concealer, I haven’t quite found one that I’d consider a minimal concealer and that’s because I can always see my concealer – even if it’s really good, I haven’t yet found one that is my idea lazy makeup concealer. If you have an recommendations hit me up here or slide into my dms on instagram.

The cheek products 


NYX dose of Dew and the Nudestix Illuminaughty. Both of these highlighters leave a nice glossy sheen to the skin and look as “natural” as you can with a highlighter. I like the NYX one slighty more only because it doesn’t stay sticky all day and sometimes I can’t be bothered with such stickiness of my face.

For a blush this has not changed, I’m still a fan of the Body Shop lip and cheek stain, it’s a beautiful rose shade and applies quite sheer to the skin but I do find it disappears quite quickly so I would go a bit overboard and then its perfect. The two other blushes that I have in the mix are the Hourglass Ambient lighting blush in Incandescent Electra and MAC Peachtwist. My Hourglass blush is more of a glow giving blush then a flush blush, as one might say, but I really like that on those minimal makeup days because it’s just a hint of colour.

The glass lips


Fenty gloss bomb. The Fenty gloss bomb is just the best thing to happen in the makeup world. I  know that everyone says that but it is! I love love love this for no makeup days because it makes your lips look like glass.

MAC See Sheer. Again, the item I didn’t want to love that makes me want to try more MAC products. There is something about the shade of this lipsticks and the formula. I know it is very similar to the PIXI lip balm but I love this for an everyday almost red shade. I love the lustre formula and I would love to find a nice fall shade in this formula as well.

What are your favourite “I don’t feel like full glam today” makeup products?

13 By Halloween: Update 1

Ah the 13 by Halloween project pan update. I am so excited to update everyone on my progress. I will say some products were really difficult to tell the progress since in the intro I forgot to take pictures showing the beginning of a few items (i.e the progress of my cream products and my lip products) but because I recently got a tripod I can actually start taking better progress pics which is super exciting.

I am so excited I finished two things in this project (and the crowd goes wild). I finished my Nudestix concealer, I thought I could get more uses but the last part of the concealer pushed into the wood so alas it is officially done. The second thing I finished was the Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid + B5. I got this done pretty quickly because when I use these types of serums I used a full pipette every night to ensure maximum hydration. My Garnier moisturizer has shown quite a bit of progress. I don’t know how much I love this but it is nice to wear at night and smells really good (not that I should be loving scents in skincare but alas here we are) so once  I finish it I will give a full review.




My Lush feeling younger highlight has gone down quite a bit because I use it to mix into my First Aid Beauty Tinted moisturizer or my normal morning moisturizer which gives it a nice glow. I will say I’m not a fan of this product as a highlighter because I find it doesn’t really sink into the skin like other liquid highlighters. The Kathleenlights supershock eye shadow doesn’t seemingly have much progress, but I have been using this pretty much everyday that I’ve been wearing makeup but I think it really is the never ending product.  My Coverfx loose powder has also been rocking and rolling, I drew a line on it so you could really tell the progress and how much I’ve used. 




My three cream products. Nudestix bondie bae hasn’t shown much progress because of the way I use it. I usually put my makeup sponge on top of the stick and then dab it on the all the bronzer areas so it doesn’t show much progress but trust, I use this daily. My Joe Fresh Tinted Lip balm has been in use everyday yet it doesn’t show much progress. I think it’s the never ending product really, hopefully I can make more of a dent in it my Halloween. Becca Champagne Pop, ya’ll I have definitely used it every. Single. Day, even if it’s just inner corn shimmer I used it every day. It is nicely packed so the progress doesn’t look as extensive.  My solid perfume by lush in Karma. I have used this quite often but not as often as I was hoping to but it is more of a fall scent so I’m hoping I’ll get more use of it in the coming two months




The Revlon Youth Fx concealer was in the project because I knew I would finish the Nudestix concealer. I can’t really tell how much I’ve used but I am hoping that if I use this every day I can use it up by Halloween. . My Nudestix Tinted Blur stick is also going well, I haven’t used this a lot this month but I know I can use a lot of it up so I will be making more of an effort to use it. The Body Shop Lip and cheek tint feels a lot lighter then it did at the beginning of the project. Since it is a liquid product you can feel the weightiness of it change which is exciting.

What have you been trying to use up?

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Blune Day 23: The beauty Tag

I saw this tag floating around the blog world and didn’t actually get tagged, but I thought this was a fun post to do for day 23. It will allow you to learn a bit more about my beauty life!

Do you remember your first makeup item?  I think it was this PUR intro set that my mom bought me from the shopping channel

What kind of coverage do you prefer from a foundation? Super sheer to light, when I am having a bit of a day with my skin I will go more medium

Favourite high-end brand? Hourglass hands down. Its cruelty free and pledges to be vegan by 2020! I have never been disappointed by their products

What cosmetics brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t?  RMS beauty. I always see the Living Luminizer and the Lip2cheeks but just haven’t taken the plunge.

Favourite drugstore brand? E.L.F because their products are always in my makeup bag. But I really love ColourPop (I know not a drugstore brand technically) but their prices are amazing and the quality is comparable to high end.

Do you wear false lashes? Only for skating!

Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without? Hmmmmmmmm I don’t know how to answer this. I think that I prefer not going to work with a bare face, but I will. And I run errands all the time completely bare faced. If I am running late to work I always try to swipe on some mascara. 

What is your most cherished beauty product? All of my Hourglass products and my high end palettes.

How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up an item here and there, or get lots of goodies at once? I definitely shop more at the drugstore then Sephora. Though this year Sephora has been a bit more. I usually do an item here or there but at Sephora when the VIB sales are on are get quite a few things.

Do you have a “beauty budget” or do you spend freely? I definitely try to budget my beauty and I think I stick to it quite well. I wouldn’t say there is a specific number because I tend to buy mostly drugstore or the Body shop, but at Sephora I’d say I only go big when its the VIB sale and I’ll buy a few things here and there between them.

Do you utilize coupons, reward cards, and sales when you shop for cosmetics?Shoppers optimum points are the best. They are connected with Loblaws as well so you get points even faster to get money off.

What type of product do you buy the most of? Concealer. 

Is there a brand you absolutely can’t stand? I wouldn’t say there is a brand I can’t stand, but there are brands I wish were all cruelty free like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Rimmel, Covergirl, because I really like some of the principles of these brands i.e having a wide foundation range, making quality drugstore eyeshadows as well as mascara. Yes I do own things from these brands, but alas I try to keep it 90% cruelty free. 

Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics, like parabens or sulfates? Yes 100%. Its really hard to find something is clean and meets my other standards. Sulfates Im not too concerned about because I don’t have coloured hair and it’s really a concern as they can be drying. I definitely try to do paraben free but if its a product like Lush Let the Good Times Roll  that have Talc and fragrance, but I will buy it because it doesn’t irritate my skin.

Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup? Shoppers drug mart and Sephora

Do you like trying new skin care products or do you keep a certain routine? There are a few I like to religiously repurchase, Thayers Lavender witch hazel toner, the Body Shop Tea Tree scrub but I’m in the process of perfecting and finding the perfect cleanser and moisturizers and serum.

Favourite bath and body brand? Lush hands down.

What brand do you think has the best packaging? Ou this is a hard one. I love Hourglass packaging but I also love Glossier packaging. I don’t own anything from them but love their aesthetic and brand story.  

Do you belong to any online makeup communities? I guess as a spectator the Youtube community and I think since I’ve been re-inspired with my blog the blogging community.

Favourite beauty gurus  Melissa Alatorre, Crueltyfreebecky, Samantha Ravndahl, Jamie Paige Beauty, Kelly Gooch, Allana Davison, Estee Lalonde (so many amazing people out there)

Do you like multi-functional products like lip and cheek stains? Yes they are my fave. I love lip and cheek stains particularly from the Body Shop and Nudestix.

Are you clumsy in putting on makeup? My eyeshadow blending can be questionable.

Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes? Yes always!

How many hair products do you use on a typical day? Usually 1 or 2, Batiste dry shampoo and some sort of texturizing spray

What do you apply first, concealer or foundation? I never really wear a full on foundation on the daily, but rather a concealer and glowy primer, possibly a tinted moisturizer.

Would you ever consider taking makeup classes? Yes! It would be so cool!

What do you love about makeup?  I love that it is such a layered concept. There are so many feminist interests in the beauty world and I love exploring those through my blog and through theoretical and practical ways. I also love glitter and its socially acceptable to be wearing a blingy highlight during the day.