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Why Personal Training is a Great Investment

Personal training. I think when many people think of it they think of the biggest loser, someone telling you how to eat, someone yelling at you all the time. This is all goal dependent. When I got my personal trainer last year my goal was to do military style push ups. Currently I can do them marginally well and currently I do not live … Read More Why Personal Training is a Great Investment


Things I liked and did in November

This is a bit late, forgive me its been quite the month! It just flew by! This month was really good, but also full of assignments, midterms, etc. Without further ado here are things I liked and did in the month of November. Personal training. Is this a cheesy and weird thing to say I like? I have really found a groove in my … Read More Things I liked and did in November


Week the Third

To start this post off by saying I don’t extremely dislike my life yet in terms of running is saying a lot. All of the previous times I ran I got easily frustrated and overall I was just not confident in myself. WELL NOT THIS TIME RUNNINGĀ  I AM WHIPPING YOUR BEHIND Monday Oct 17. Well I had a midterm that day and a … Read More Week the Third

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