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Favourite Shimmers in my collection

I am attempting to create content and not buy a bunch of things (though let’s be real I have a running list of things to try) so I decided to to a therapy swatch party and go through my favourite shimmer shadows and toppers in my collection.  Let’s start with the singles. I have four shadows that are my absolute faves. The first one … Read More Favourite Shimmers in my collection


May Shop My Stash

I really enjoy these shop my stashes and I have been consistently find myself, are we shocked, bored of the same products (not because I don’t like the products) but because I just have this thing with liking to constantly switch up things so I’ve selected quite a few more products than my past shop my stashes.  Let’s start with the base products. A … Read More May Shop My Stash


February Faves

February was a fast month, a weird month and yet another month where my youth feels a bit wasted by this pandemic. Too dark perhaps? I’m kidding. I am doing well personally but the pandemic burn out is real and it is getting tiring living the same day over and over. This is not meant for sympathy, but I think we are all feeling … Read More February Faves


Sephora Holiday Sale Recommendations and what’s in my cart

This format is totally inspired by Amanda GlowGetter, one of my favourite blogs and internet friends. Her Sephora Sale Recommendations post was such a cool way to showcase products that she loves so it inspired me to write one. I wanted to note, that I have not been practicing what I preach in terms of brands that I support. My order really reflected that … Read More Sephora Holiday Sale Recommendations and what’s in my cart


Sephora Haul Pt. 1

I am slightly ashamed to say that I made three Sephora orders. This is the first year I’ve honestly had the financial freedom to buy really, what I wanted from the store. Needless to say… my makeup purchases can stand now for the rest of the year. I was really inspired by Michelle Wang, and Samantha Ravendhal for many of these purchases.   This … Read More Sephora Haul Pt. 1

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