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Blune Day 9: How to Transition to Natural Deodorant

There has been a lot of talk in the media and blog world about natural deodorant. Now, I won’t get into the scientific things behind aluminum in deodorant and whether or not they pose health risks, but I switched because I wanted to wear cruelty free deodorant. I thought I would curate this post about which deodorants have worked for me and how I … Read More Blune Day 9: How to Transition to Natural Deodorant


Product empties

I have seen these on YouTube and perhaps they are better suited to that platform BUT I have accumulated so many products that I have used up over the past I would 6-8 months. These items range from body care, skincare, and makeup (yay!). I thought I would take you through a few items and give a mini review. Skincare items: the Ordinary squalane, … Read More Product empties


Things I liked and did in March

How did this happen? How is March over? How is it almost exams and then summer and then who knows what after that? Well, despite March being a busy month, I did like and do (okay so I didn’t actually do anything this month because I’m boring, but we had some cool events this month so that was fun). Alas, I almost forgot to … Read More Things I liked and did in March

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