Blune Day 9: How to Transition to Natural Deodorant

There has been a lot of talk in the media and blog world about natural deodorant. Now, I won’t get into the scientific things behind aluminum in deodorant and whether or not they pose health risks, but I switched because I wanted to wear cruelty free deodorant. I thought I would curate this post about which deodorants have worked for me and how I made the switch.

Toms of Maine and Schmidts's Lavender

When switching to natural deodorant I started with the Toms natural antiperspirant. So when I started I think it was last year, so September 2017 (I think but maybe earlier I feel like I’ve been using it forever), I was a sweaty mc sweater. I sweat A LOT and when I first started using natural deodorants I sweat so much, I think it was my body getting used to sweating again. I will say though I never had a traditional deodorant that worked before, so it really wasn’t a matter of wanting it to be free of harsh chemicals, I was desperate to find something that worked. The Toms remains one of my favourites. I tend to use this one more for vigorous activity but even then I will also use my Schmidt’s one.


Local deodorant

The second best one is the Schmidt’s sensitive skin formula, this is the best smelling most effective deodorant I have ever used. YES it is expensive but honestly I feel like I sweat less then I did when I wore traditional deodorant. The Jason and Green Beaver deodorants are not super effective, they just don’t work on me, I can smell myself after about 2 hours of wear time. The Kiss My Face isn’t my favourite either, I find it doesn’t really work, I usually put this on after work before I workout but its not the best I am just trying to use it up. Same with the deodorant from my hometown, it smells really good but I use this either layering deodorant or a before bed one.


What do you need to know about natural deodorant? First, you should know you have to apply it more regularly and second you need to thoroughly clean your pits each night and you’ll be good to go. You really just have to let you body detox per say in order to get used to wearing natural deodorant and slightly smelling yourself if you are very sweaty, even then I’ve noticed that I don’t smell a lot! So progress?

Have you ever tried natural deodorant?

Product empties

I have seen these on YouTube and perhaps they are better suited to that platform BUT I have accumulated so many products that I have used up over the past I would 6-8 months. These items range from body care, skincare, and makeup (yay!). I thought I would take you through a few items and give a mini review.
Skincare items: the Ordinary squalane, Physicians Formula glow booster oil, Burt’s Bees radiance cleanser, Sukin exfoliator, Avalon organics exfoliator and a point perk Fresh Black Tea face mask and a Lush fresh jelly face mask. Okay, most of these items were good, but not mind blowing, just average products. A standout was the Physicians Formula Glow Booster facial oil. This is one I plan on repurchasing because it is beautiful. It is a blend of oils and actually (in my opinion) does boost the brightness of you skin and its an oil serum which is good to add to your routine. The Ordinary Squalane oil was alright, I have another one my mom recently gifted me but its not bad, it does boost hydration but I think I’d repurchase the oil serum before this. The other products, including the exfoliators were great but not things I would readily repurchase again because I love trying new things.

Schmidt's deodorant, Physici

Avalon organics lavendar scrub, The Body Shop Bronzing dome, Sephora Dry clean brush cleaner

Body care: There are more things in this category than I originally thought I had. The Schmidt’s deodorant in bergamot and lime which is a great scent and works well. Okay, I am on a journey friends, A JOURNEY, to find a great natural deodorant. This was good but I prefer the sensitive formula as mentioned in my March things I liked and did. I also threw in my Tom’s whole care toothpaste. I like this one a lot more than their sensitive teeth one. This one was a good and I really like the flavour and it actually works. It does have fluoride which I’m fine with! I have already purchased this one and also got the Jason Powersmile toothpaste (thanks Morerebe). The Cake Beauty body lotion was delectable (as the name might suggest) and its smells like a tropical vacation. I will definitely purchase this again.

Cake Beauty, Fresh beauty, Sukin Pur concealer, nudestix mascara, Toms toothpaste

Makeup: This is the most exciting category. There are only four things. I know not super exciting for the normal person who only has a few makeup products but for me this is so exciting. I finally finished my project pan concealer the Pur disappearing act concealer and its finally done! I really liked this but I don’t think I will repurchase because I am still on the hunt for the perfect concealer. I also already have two in my collection to use up so I have to get those bad boys out my collection before I purchase anymore.

My body shop honey bronzing dome in champagne. This took me roughly two years to finish. TWO YEARS. Which is terrifying because I also own a million more powder highlighters and cream highlighters so I can only imagine how long those will take to use up. I also finished my Becca shimmering skin perfector in the travel size that I got during the VIB sale in April last year so it’s about a year old. I finished this a while ago probably in February but it wasn’t great honestly. It’s not a bad product at all, its gives  a nice glow to the skin but it made my face quite itchy so I finished it for the sake of finishing it and won’t be repurchasing simply because of my skin’s reaction. The Nudestix mascara was the last product I finished in the past months. It was a really beautiful mascara – I loved it. It was the perfect day to day mascara and I would repurchase if I didn’t have so many mascaras to get through. A random but the Sephora dry brush cleanser is AMAZING. It’s the hidden gem of Sephora, it cleans your brushes instantly and is convenient to have on hand. Highly recommend.

What have you used up lately?

Things I liked and did in March

How did this happen? How is March over? How is it almost exams and then summer and then who knows what after that? Well, despite March being a busy month, I did like and do (okay so I didn’t actually do anything this month because I’m boring, but we had some cool events this month so that was fun). Alas, I almost forgot to do this post but I couldn’t leave ya’ll hanging.

My first thing that i liked this month was castile soap. This isn’t a new favourite but I love the green beaver lavender castile soap. It works for everything: I wash dishes with it, I put about ½ cup of the soap and the rest distilled water (so water I boiled earlier that day and mix it together). Because the soap is so concentrated that’s why i do this. I LOVE THIS. It has so many uses, I clean dishes with it, I clean the tub with it, I clean the counters with it, when I actually wash the floors I wash the floors with it. I love it because it’s natural and doesn’t irritate my lungs or nose.

Green beaver castile soap lavender

The second thing I have been loving this month is the Schmidt’s tea tree sensitive skin deodorant. I have been searching for a deodorant that doesn’t irritate my pits, a natural one that works, and a natural one that can stand a workout. This one fits the bill. Yes, I sweat more but as humans we are supposed to. Ps would you like to read a post about my switch to natural deodorant?

schmidt's tea tree deodorant

The Ordinary serum foundation. Omg. this. Foundation. Ya’ll it’s so good. It doesn’t make my face itchy, it has barely there coverage but coverage enough to even the skin tone. It comes in a billion shades which is a plus and it’s under $10. Honestly, this is the best foundation I have ever used.


The Balm Mary Lou Manizer and this random brush I got from winners. I was watching my favourite beauty Youtuber Melissa Alatorre and she does her highlight with a fluffy tapered brush over the pocket of her brow bone and cheek bone before eyeshadow and frequently will do highlight before anything else. In the video I linked she did it before her eye shadow and it was a beautiful effect. I just love the way it diffuses into the skin and ALSO I’m so close to hitting pan I can see the rings ever so faintly, hence my excitement over this new found discovery of wearing highlight.

Burts Bees foundation powder, The Balm Mary Lou Manizer, The ordinary foundation

The Burts Bees foundation powder. THIS IS THE FIRST POWDER I’VE EVER DISCOVERED THAT DOESN’T MAKE ME LOOK CAKEY. Sorry, I’m not yelling at you but by golly I just can’t believe how great this is. I am doing a more thorough review on my upcoming Burt’s Bees review post, but just know its great.


The Cake Beauty wave spray. One, this smells like cake. So really you can’t go wrong. Two, it’s perfect for short hair and it’s even better when you use it on slightly wet hair before going to bed as it creates a nice textured look.

What have you been liking and doing this month?