Updated “No Makeup Makeup products”

As I said in my last one of these posts I don’t know how I feel about the no makeup makeup term. I like to think of it as a minimal makeup look – but can use the same amount of products its just the techniques you use to use these products. I like to do this kind of look when I’m just, to be quite honest a feeling a bit lazy that day but still want a bit of something something. Granted, now that I am a new grad and am in a transitional period I have a lot more time to do my makeup and have been doing more fun eye shadow looks and such but I still have some new tried and true makeup I use when I’m not feeling like a full glam look aka no makeup makeup items in the beauty world. I would also like to note this is completely subjective, so what I may use might be way too much for you or way to little! It’s all personal preference!


The actual base


The most important step to any makeup routine is skincare. Skincare is so important to creating a smooth and clean surface for makeup. I generally do three (yes three) hydrating products in the morning. I usually rinse my face with warm water, then put on my toner and use a hydrating serum, essence, and moisturizer. Some mornings I do just a serum and moisturizer and other mornings I do the whole shebang, it just depends on my mood. The reason (besides the obscene amount of highlighter I use) that my face glows and is dewy is that I always use a army of hydrating products.

The undetectable base


Nudestix tinted blur stick. This is hands down and all time favourite of mine. It adjusts to the shade pigments in your skin and it just has this beautiful skin like finish. I hydrate intensely beforehand as I do with most things. Review here

Glowy primer. I am a fan of the glow (as you might be able to tell I’m going to be “dewy until the day I die” – Katie Jane Huges). I have been enjoying the Physicians formula spotlight primer and would like to try the Bare Minerals Foundation Primer brightening next or the Milani strobe and pore minimizing one! This is just a beautiful way to add glow and light to the skin without having to put on a foundation.

As for a concealer, I haven’t quite found one that I’d consider a minimal concealer and that’s because I can always see my concealer – even if it’s really good, I haven’t yet found one that is my idea lazy makeup concealer. If you have an recommendations hit me up here or slide into my dms on instagram.

The cheek products 


NYX dose of Dew and the Nudestix Illuminaughty. Both of these highlighters leave a nice glossy sheen to the skin and look as “natural” as you can with a highlighter. I like the NYX one slighty more only because it doesn’t stay sticky all day and sometimes I can’t be bothered with such stickiness of my face.

For a blush this has not changed, I’m still a fan of the Body Shop lip and cheek stain, it’s a beautiful rose shade and applies quite sheer to the skin but I do find it disappears quite quickly so I would go a bit overboard and then its perfect. The two other blushes that I have in the mix are the Hourglass Ambient lighting blush in Incandescent Electra and MAC Peachtwist. My Hourglass blush is more of a glow giving blush then a flush blush, as one might say, but I really like that on those minimal makeup days because it’s just a hint of colour.

The glass lips


Fenty gloss bomb. The Fenty gloss bomb is just the best thing to happen in the makeup world. I  know that everyone says that but it is! I love love love this for no makeup days because it makes your lips look like glass.

MAC See Sheer. Again, the item I didn’t want to love that makes me want to try more MAC products. There is something about the shade of this lipsticks and the formula. I know it is very similar to the PIXI lip balm but I love this for an everyday almost red shade. I love the lustre formula and I would love to find a nice fall shade in this formula as well.

What are your favourite “I don’t feel like full glam today” makeup products?

My Favourite No-makeup makeup items

I honestly don’t know how I feel about the term “no makeup makeup” I prefer the term light and airy makeup or the “I’m super tired and wearing more makeup on my skin makes me look more tired” . Because for me a “no makeup makeup” look is a no foundation look. Now recently (sorry mother) I partook in the sephora VIB sale and purchased the no highlighter highlighter by Perricone MD and nudestix illumnaughty. These two are key in my light and airy makeup look. 

These are my essential (current) products for my “I’m super tired and wearing more makeup on my skin makes me look more tired


Cream blushes. Since I have discovered cream blush I only us them. My favourite so far is The Body Shop universal chubby stick in “Poppy Nude” – it’s just nude enough to not look to intense but adds enough colour to the cheeks. It smells clean and fresh, and its build-able. A close second is the gosh big blush stick in pink – the reason its a close second is because its a lot more BAM than the first one and doesn’t smell as good – more chemically (the wonder of the makeup industry).  Third would have to be the Lush emotional brilliance lipsticks – however they are third because if you are doing an in a rush look you can easily be overboard with these (however if that’s your thing then go for it)


Cream highlighters (o gee what a surprise). First – for an ACTUAL no makeup look you have to hand it to the Perricone MD no highlighter highlight. Its sheeny without being glittery and gives you a bit of an inner glow. If I want to be more poppin’ that day then I love the body shop highlighting dome. Nudestix illuminaughty – a close third – both glossy and not glittery. It gives that perfect dewy look.


The Hourglass ambient lighting powder in Diffused light. In a “I’m super tired and wearing more makeup on my skin makes me look more tired” look i still dabble in a concealer, whichever one I have on hand and if you set it with this powder it creates a filter


A primer: Currently I have been using the Gosh illuminating primer. On a “I’m super tired and wearing more makeup on my skin makes me look more tired” I don’t like to use foundation, as I have said before. Primer’s with a slight tint or a tinted moisturizer, like the andalous naturals CC cream don’t cake on and just even out the skin.


And of course a lipstick that is “your lips but better”. My current favourite for this purpose is the Burt’s Bees lipstick in Suede Splash, its the perfect nude and I can apply it without a mirror. What more can you ask for.

What are your favourite “I’m super tired and wearing more makeup on my skin makes me look more tired”.