Day 12 of 12 Days of Blogging: Pan that Palette 2019

It’s that time of year in the beauty world where we discuss items we want to try and finish. Also, my project pan finales are coming! Stay tuned! For today, I wanted to discuss two palettes I’d like to put a dent in throughout 2019. I want to focus on two palettes, both because I get bored easily and because I like options. Granted, not many because both are very similar in tone but again, somewhat options.

First, my oldest and perhaps most nostalgic palette the Naked 3 from Urban Decay. I have already hit pan on the second shade. I want to really use the crap out of this palette to be quite honest. I always like the looks I create and these are very professional shades which I enjoy.

The second palette I want to put a dent in is the 100 Percent Pure Naked II palette. I bought this when I was trying to test out more green/clean beauty products. I really like this palette actually, I just never having it on my vanity so I’m going to keep it on their so I can reach for it more often. It’s a sweet and simple palette. I enjoy that there is a blush and highlighter as well as three eye shadows that work for any occasion.

My goal. I want to hit pan the highlighter, blush, and first two shades in the 100 Percent Pure palette – simply because I rarely used the purple shade as it stands. For the Naked 3 I’d like to see pan on all the shades but I don’t anticipate any pan on the darkest shades because again I don’t use dark shades.

Are going to try to pan a palette this year?

12 Days of Blogging Day 6: What 1 year Project Panning Has Taught Me

When I began project panning about a year ago, I did it because I felt so, not bad not guilty, just overwhelmed with how much makeup I had that was so old, but also I didn’t want to just chuck it out. SO I discovered the world of project panning. I always had an idea that normal folks (like my mom) hit pan on items, use them up, and finish them. However, as a person who is monster and loves to buy new makeup for science and testing purposes, I was finding myself accumulating a lot of makeup over the 2016-2017 year. Instead of putting myself on a no buy or a low buy, I thought I would start project panning.

I know what you make be thinking, how can this be a thing? Well, capitalism is the answer. Oh I went there. Consumerism and the idea of buy buy buy is always in our faces. We see Instagram ads, Facebook ads, we watch our favourite content creators talking about products that we then want to buy. I was so heavily entranced in shiny pretty things that I started losing sight, for my Marx folks out there becoming alienated, and started using and buying products that are made by rich white men sold to us for 100s of thousands of dollars per year. It is not to say I wasn’t making an autonomous decision, but really in the structure of the shopping I wasn’t. I was being sucked in by the shiny marketing and my sense of curiosity to try the “next best thing”

This brings me to the second reason I started project panning and what I have learned so far. The oversaturation of releases from brands. Yes, colourpop I’m looking at you. One reason I respect brands like Glossier, Hourglass, Nudestix, (not that I don’t respect other brands I just don’t know how else to put it) is that they don’t fatigue you with release after release (at least in my feed they are not the brands that pop up). I was so tired of seeing and trying to keep up with new releases, that as a blogger project planning had become a way to still add things to my collection, but also to be more curated and conscious of what I was adding. Instead of going out and buying everything Estee Lalonde recommended (which okay so I tend to do that) I stopped. Particularly, I REALLY tried to curb my habit, and am still trying, of going to the drugstore and buying random makeup items to make it to the 20x the points if you spend $50 because I was accumulating so many unneeded items in my collection that didn’t really have a place.

This is the biggest lesson of project panning: consider your drugstore purchases as well. It has never been a question that when I buy a high end makeup item, I think about it, I watch reviews, I mull it over and then I purchase. With the drugstore, it is so easy to get sucked into the makeup aisle and the great sales but I was never thinking about my purchases. Now, this isn’t to say I haven’t bought my fair share of drugstore items in 2018, in fact I’d be embarrassed to even disclose the new drugstore makeup I attained this year. I also think that there is a healthy balance as a blogger to asking the question: am I buying this for research, a review or do I genuinely want it. I think that it comes from all three when I’m purchasing drugstore makeup – but I also think there is validity in buying your own product to review so its a double edged sword.

The final lesson I have learned through panning products is how much engagement you can get from people. Yes, I watch first impressions videos and hauls because I love them! BUT i think the beauty industry, or community depending on your stance, can stand to do a bit more shop your stash and project panning than it does at the moment. This post is not to say I don’t love hauling and it’s not to say I’m going to stop buying drugstore products but i’m going to take the same care I have with my decision to buy a high end product.

Project Pan Roulette: Update 1

Ah yes. The first update to my project pan roulette. This is a huge collaborative project with a ton of amazing YouTubers and Instagramers. I’ve made some stellar progress on some items and less on others. It was started by Rebecca Morgan and Alexandra Sjösten. If you want to join just message one of them for the categories. 

A drugstore product

Update 1

The Physicians Formula butter blush.  This has no progress – I used it a lot this during November but again, the butter butter items from Physicians Formula are super difficult to go through. Hope to get get a least a little bit of a dip by the next update.

Something in your favourite shade

Update 1

The Body shop eye shadow is cyprus bronze. Again, not a lot of progress on this one. I didn’t really gravitate towards it but am hoping to get more use out of it before the next update.

A product you always buy on sale

The Maybelline luscious lashes mascara is really nice, but it’s so difficult to take of at the end of the night. Even with an oil makeup remover, it is so hard to get off my lashes without looking like you are losing your lashes. I’m hoping by March to have this done as it will be expired and hopefully done.

An old favourite

Update 1

The Lipstick in Burt’s Bees suede splash definitely is showing some progress. I LOVE this shade so much. It is the perfect, dark, rose brown nude. It feels nice on the lips and is a simple lipstick to throw in your hand bag and use while you are on the go.

A product you’ve already hit pan on

Update 1

The ELF golden bronzer. The existing pan has definitely expanded since the intro. This is a really nice winter bronzer since it’s not super pigmented. I have been layering it with other bronzer or over cream bronzers for a bit of a glow. I hoping by March 5 to expand the pan by quite a lot.

A collab product

Update 1

For this one I chose the Colourpop Super Shock eye shadow in shade cornelius. This is one of the products that has shown a lot of progress. I use this almost everyday under my eye shadow look or just as an eye shadow with a bit of highlighter on the inner corner.

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Project Pan Update the Third

Hi all! So as you know I am doing a year long project pan. I never specified the number because I’m still new to this project pan world but I wanted to add some items this month because I’ve actually finished a few items and realized most people to 10 items for 2018 or more so I decided to add a few items for the tail end of 2018.


First things that have shown some progress. The Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer is FINALLY showing more wear and tear. I use this probably 2-3 times a week but I have also been fancying it as a good crease shade then throwing a nice shiny shade on the middle of lid. Second, my NYX dark circle corrector. Fam, I really like this. I feel like I bought it and didn’t really care for it because I kept switching between products BUT this actually is so great! I love that NYX is affordable and has such a variety of shades in their line, as a bonus its cruelty free and I am actually excited to use this up.

My colourpop highlighter in Lunch Money. I really like this highlighter, and the pan has definitely expanded but it just isn’t doing it for me like it used to. Don’t get me wrong, this is beautiful but I’ve been more into my Becca champagne pop and my Anastasia liquid highlighter that this has taken a bit of back seat.


My Covergirl Nudes. Okay so I’ve decided I’m going to try and use as much of this palette as I can and declutter it in 2019. I love the shades, I love how neutral the colour story is because at heart I love a boring brown, but frankly it gets a bit boring. So the way I have been using this is in my brows and the light shade as a brow highlight. My 100% pure lip caramel in truffle. This is actually very well used and I can start to see that I’m scraping the side. My only gripe is that the packaging is kind of breaking and I will take an insta story on my instagram and save it to my highlights under blog because it was expensive so I just want to showcase what can happen to it.


I have also decided to roll in 4 products. Probably a bit ambitious but you know what, I’m living on the edge. I am rolling in two eye shadow products. The Colourpop Supernova eye shadow in Running in Orbits (I think this shade might be discontinued cause I can no longer find it online). This is a beautiful taupe brown (gee so original in my arsenal) and I love how glittery and beautiful it looks. Next I am rolling in the Essence eyeshadow stick (rip these are discontinued also because I can’t find it online) in She’s got the Mauve. I have really been enjoying lining my lashes with brown or mauve so I thought this was a great thing to carry me into fall. Since I finished my concealer in my 13 by Halloween I thought I would add one to this project. I am going to try and use up the Wet n Wild photo focus concealer because it is really good. I do like how it sits under the eyes but I’m hoping with my project I can form a better opinion. Finally my old favourite, interview lipstick Milani Nude Creme. I LOVE this shade. It’s the perfect mix of pink and brown for my fair skin and I love the formula. It smells yummy but it is going on 3 years old so I want to see how much I can use before 2019.



Are you panning anything? How’s it going?