Favourite Low Waste Swaps

Recently, I have been trying to be more low waste. I know I can never be low waste in every aspect of my life. Some areas of my life will never be low to no waste because I simply know I can’t be zero waste in every aspect. My personal motto is do what you can where you can. I thought I would talk about a few of my favourite low waste swaps!

First, stainless steel straws. I have talked about these before but I love them. I take them to work and use them when I can. Sometimes I forget them but most times I take them with me wherever I go as I like to use a straw.

Stainless steel straw and Mason Jar

Along with the first one a mode of drinking is my personal favourite; mason jars. I know, this is so cliche I know but these are the most useful thing to have around. They can hold sauce, salads, pasta, coffee, water, salad dressing, literally anything you want to store. Even things that aren’t food, makeup brushes, pencils, loose change etc. There is a use for them. I also like to buy things in glass jars and then reuse the jars to store things.

Bamboo Paper Towel and Rag

H&M Tote

Reusable rags and bamboo paper towels. I found the bamboo paper towels at Marshalls and they are amazing! Everytime I wash them they get softer and softer. I also took a few beach towels from home and cut up them into towels for cleaning and for napkins. Now the reusable life takes a bit of getting used to, like if you spill something it’s not as easy as one two throw out and never see the mess again. It requires rinsing off the rag and reusing it once or twice before throwing it in the laundry bag.

Tote bags. I just love a good tote bag. You can get them at a variety of stores and you can get fit many things in them. I have also noticed drastically my plastic bag use decrease. The one I have in the photo is from H&M  and it folds up to a small size that fits in my purse! I am hoping to get a few more as I think they are a great $3 purchase that saves the planet! These are different from typical grocery bags you might buy in the checkout line at loblaws, because they are so malleable you can fit them in your purse for safe keeping and if you buy something whip it out and carry what you need in there.

Reusable cotton rounds

My last personal favourite. Reusable cotton rounds. At first I was wary, but then I had a bunch of yarn and made my own. They are simple to make and they are super effective. My skin feels great, I use them a few times and you can wash them by hand in between uses and let them dry. They are such a great swap and I highly recommend making or buying some for you daily use of toner. If not pro tip: you can use your toner with your hands, obviously make sure they are clean, then squirt the toner on and press into the skin. Voila.

What is your favourite way to be low waste?

Things I liked and did in October

100% Pure lip caramel in truffle – ah baby. This is beautiful. Its 100% organic, as the name would suggest, and is a beautiful hydrating lip colour. It’s a dark rose shade, my favourite kind of shade. It also smells like cake AND tastes like cake. Isn’t that ridiculous? More like awesome. It’s the perfect fall shade. Bonus, its hydrating and looks fabulous blotted.


My Hourglass Ambient lighting edit in surreal light. I just love this thing. It is just the saviour on my mornings when I’m so tired and want a simple, easy peasy look. Not sure if this is still available in Canada.


My Pur cosmetics potted disappearing act concealer. Again a simple concealer, and I don’t need to set it which I really like. I can use my fingers and just dot and go.

Oct Faves

Doing my first 10K – Ah. I will say, while this was a great experience, I no doubt experience what is called “runners remorse” which is basically while you finished the race, your time isn’t what you wanted and you feel somewhat down for the day following. However, I was told this was normal and I did run my own race and I did accomplish this.


My reusable cotton rounds – I have recently stopped purchasing cotton pads at the store in plastic packaging and made my own out of cotton yarn (I think its cotton, who knows) as well as old beach towels. Since I don’t wear foundation and I only use witch hazel in the morning these work perfectly for me. I also remove my makeup using oil cleansing which requires a cloth. Sustainable and a fun thing to make on a lazy Monday night!


Reusable netting bag – I LOVE this bag. Its lit. Honestly like how can you go wrong? I ordered this off of Amazon during the summer and it’s the best 12.99 I’ve ever spent. I’ve noticed my plastic bag consumption drastically drop and I’ve also noticed the looks I get from certain retailers when I say “no bag thanks” I sometimes get an odd look. At places like Lush this doesn’t happen, but at places like Marshalls or winners I get some odd looks from the cashier.


My naked running crops from lulu. These crops are darling. They are the “naked” sensation, which Lululemon coined as a term for pants that feel like you are wearing nothing. I also fell over when I saw the price, $128 are you kidding?! But the girl convinced me to try them on and that she loved running in them. Well ma’am you look like you are in lit shape so I’ve been convinced. Love at first site. LOVE. I got these in the summer so they were perfect for then and are still perfect for the fall weather.


Spiralizer. This month I attained a spiralizer. AMAZING. It has changed my food game completely. Spiralized zucchini, lentil pasta and homemade pasta sauce, such taste. If you are considering one I highly recommend it.


What have you been loving this month?!