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Blune Day 16: Lets talk, running with asthma

It is no secret that I have allergy induced asthma. I get the question a lot from people who want to run “how do you run with asthma”? Well folks read on. I wanted to outline ways that I run and help myself keep motivated and my lungs healthy when doing a sport that is literally about your lungs. Okay, first make sure it’s … Read More Blune Day 16: Lets talk, running with asthma


Let’s Talk Motivation

It’s snowing. It’s raining. It’s too hot. I’m tired. All excuses we all as runners have used before. Lately in my city, it’s been so snowy, and guess who doesn’t plow the sidewalks? The city. They are markers for ankle sprains and sore hips. I have been missing more runs than I’d like and the reasons have been two fold: I’ve been lacking motivation … Read More Let’s Talk Motivation

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