This is what dreams are made of. As soon as I saw the Lizze McGuire collection on Instagram, I knew that it was needed in my collection. I bought three items from the collection: the Palette, and the two blushes. 

Let’s start with the description: “Our inner Lizzie is living! ✨ This vibrant and bold 12-pan eyeshadow palette really is what dreams are made of. Loaded with duochrome shadows, rich pigments, and on trend colors, create the look of your pop star dreams”. This is the description of the palette. I really enjoy the formula of this palette, more so than the one that I had before (the whatever palette). The shades are super pigmented and there is actually a pretty cohesive colour story in terms of the shades they chose. The palette feels very early 2000s with the bright purples, and pinks and greens. 

The blushes: “Brighten your complexion with the perfect natural flush of colour in a soft and buildable powder blush”. 

The shadows are notably better than previous shadows I have tried, or maybe it is because the shadows are more in tune with the shades that I enjoy. The shades in this palette are all pigmented and very true to colour. The pink shadows and purple shadows are very true to colour and are not grainy or muddy Overall, the shadows of his palette are really nice and I’d recommend this if you want some nostalgia in your life. 

The blushes on the other hand, are not my favourite. They are glitter city and I am not into the glitter so much as I am into the glow on the cheeks. These feel like something I would get in, say, a 2000s Claire’s. Now, I supposed this is possibly the way that they intended for these to be, for the nostalgia effect. I compared the swatches to my Coverfx duo and the BareMinerals bronzer. Both of those blushes have a really nice glowing aspect to them without the chunky glitter. I find that my current blush steze is something a bit more natural and dewy aka the Colourpop Cheek Dew serum blushes are MY FAVE. 

The Swatches

Overall rating: 4/5 for the palette. If you want some fun colourful colours in your collection, and also love Lizzie McGuire like I do, then its a nice addition to your collection. The blushes, 100% pass on them. 

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