Okay am I a bit late? In my personal opinion no, but this was something I really wanted to test out and review for you all to give a full review not just a first impression. I don’t have much of a standard when it comes to concealer but this concealer has a lot of claims so I put this buddy to the test.

First here is a description of what the Sephora website says it is: “A hydrating, full-coverage, weightless, four-in-one formula that conceals, contours, highlights, and retouches”. They say it’s made with skin loving ingredients and crease free (I can tell you right now it’s not). This is also a part of the Born This Way range and is different from the original born this way concealer which I’ve never tried.


Price: its $36 for .50 fluid ounces of product which is a butt load compared to other concealers including popular ones like Tarte Shape Tape, Wet ‘n’ wild photofocus, Revlon Youth FX, the Nudestix concealer  which are all much smaller. This concealer is almost the size of a foundation. If you want to see a good cost per ounce check out Kelly Gooch’s review on YouTube where she breaks it down because she explains it really well.

My skin type, normal verging on dry under my eyes. I have tried this concealer with many beauty tools, a brush, a beauty sponge, my fingers and the same results each time: you can tell I’m wearing this concealer. Unlike my current go to the Nudestix concealer pencil, which in my opinion is decently undetectable under the eyes and on the face, this one you can tell you are wearing it. It is very, very full coverage, almost to the point of too much coverage for me personally. However, it is weightless as it claims, I can’t feel it on my skin but I can see it. Although I would say it doesn’t look bad at all, it just looks more heavy than I’m used to.


Sweat and crease proofness. Ya’ll this is not sweat proof. When I sweat like a mother wearing this it all broke up on my skin and looked horrible. As for crease proof, well this isn’t a claim I usually believe for any concealer that I use. It does crease under my eyes and that’s okay because most concealers do. Comparing this size wise to other concealers its huge.


As you can see from the photo I have the Makeup Revolution one, the Collection lasting perfection, the Nudestix concealer pencil, the Wet n wild photofocus concealer, The E.L.F Beautifully Bare concealer, and the Revlon Youth Fx concealer. The Nudestix concealer is $28 for .05 ounces of product, The Wet n wild photofocus will run you $5.79 is 0.28 ounces, the E.L.F beautifully Bare concealer is $4.00 US for .11 ounces and the Youth FX concealer is $15.99 for .11 ounces. So you are getting .50 ounces for $36 which in the long run is actually cheaper than all the drugstore ones. However, for me this is a formula thing. I really like that this concealer is great bang for your buck but it’s also very full coverage which isn’t always my thing but I think its nice to have one on my arsenal for those days I do want some more full coverage.

Bottom line: I give this 3.5/5 stars purely on formulation and the fact that this was so hyped up, I’m not totally comfortable saying this is worth the hype simply because everyone is reviewing it and liking it. I really wanted this to be my new favourite but alas it just isn’t. I think if you like full coverage concealers and want something that really brightens and conceals your under eyes this is the product for you. If you are a light coverage gal like myself then this might not be the concealer for you. I will say I’m going to continue to use this because it is a good concealer and I bought it so I will use it up. When it comes to a repurchase? This probably won’t be my new go to. Which is honestly so unfortunate because I was really hoping it would be since its such big bang for your buck but alas the hunt for a “ride or die” as the beauty world says, continues. I got the shade snow which I think looks a bit too stark for me right now but I am going to continue to use this because it is a good concealer but it might be more of a foundation concealer thanan under eye one for me.

Have you tried the Too Faced Born This Way Sculpting Concealer?

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