Smashbox as a brand, is one that for me flies a bit under the radar. They do have a decent foundation range, with room for more shades on the deeper end of the spectrum (this is in specific reference to their hydrating foundation because it is the only one that I own) but is better than say a Westman Atieir shade range. The brand itself gave consumers resources etc, and pulled up with Estee Lauder companies (another whole problematic CEO and company and they own everything at time). I bought this palette pre pull up for change. To note – there Instagram is basically shades of beige with one Black person on it. I also don’t want this to come across as me speaking for, but rather acknowledging that I do have the privilege to buy what I want in this community and that I am making a conscious effort to change that about myself. 


Why I bought this: because I saw Jessica Bruan using it and wanted it. I’m calling myself out here, and knowing that I didn’t follow any Black creators – two or three, which is something I’m working to improve, not following them for “token” Black people on my feed, but highlighting that the makeup industry is whitewashed and we, as in white people, still gravitate towards people that look like us and the beauty industry STILL caters to white women. I fall into it, and I need to recognize that my buying habits do have a real impact. 

What I like about this product: we know that I have an obsession with face palettes and my intention for this palette was to include on a best face palettes post for my skintone. As far as the powders go, these are absolutely gorgeous powders. They are smooth, buttery, and easy to use. The highlighters are shiny, but not glittery, and the blush is a nice blush. I enjoy that it is neutral. 

The claims: Use these versatile shades to create an effortlessly lifted neutral look or a warm, just-cruised-down-the-coast glow. It features three matte and two pearlescent powders to shape, bronze, and highlight. It also includes one matte blush to add a youthful flush of subtle color to any look.

I would say this is versatile – for fair skin tones to medium skin tones. This is an all around easy palette to use. The contour shade is very cool toned, and the bronzer shade leans neutral for my skin tone.

Overall: 3/5stars from me. I don’t think this is a bad palette formula wise. The powders are smooth and easy to use. You can create an entire look with the one palette, eyeshadow, face powders, setting powders etc, and the shades are pretty. My biggest con (and smashbox does this with a lof ot powder products) is that this could come in at least 2 more shade options if not more. I enjoy this product critically. 

The swatches

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