I wanted to do a review on two palettes that I have been playing with and trying out in my collection. I bought two Colourpop palettes a few months ago, the Whatever Palette and the Mulan Palette. Both of these palettes were appealing for the fall, and also appealing because I have surprisingly never tried their pressed shadow formula. Spoiler alert: I’m meh on these ones. 

The palettes overall, are both extremely beautiful to look at. The packaging is of the cardboard variety and there is no mirror, which is actually a nice touch because you can potentially recycle them. The shades in both palette’s are unlike any palette that I have in my collection. The Whatever palette is a nice fall toned palette. According to the site: “Call it whatever, wear it however – just know, this is the palette of the season. Rich burgundy, warm terracotta, mixed finish shadows and glitters make this palette the only one you need for your fall glam. Insanely pigmented and super blendable shadows make it easy to create any look you want”. 

The description of the Mulan palette: A fierce warm gold and red palette inspired by the legendary Mulan. With a mix of mattes, metallics, and foiled eyeshadow finishes, create looks fit for a warrior. I would say of the two palettes, I do prefer the Mulan palette purely because I find there are more matte shades than the Mulan one but is overall an easier palette to use. The Mulan one has darker shades and a beautiful red which is one of my favourite eyeshadows to wear. 

I am going to call these shadows mediocre but a satisfying edge. I am not sure why, but any time I wear these shadows, I feel like these fade a lot faster than other shadows in my collection yet they are a beautiful array of unique colours I don’t have in my collection. I like the mattes better than the shimmers in both palettes. I find that the pressed glitters are nice, but not necessary for me or a selling factor in either palette. In terms of usage of these palettes – they don’t compare to my fave Tom Ford Quad, or my urban Decay. I would say these are comparable to the ELF Quads and the Wet n Wild little palettes.  I would say if you want a trendy palette with a good formula Colourpop would definitely be your best bet, unless you don’t want to order online since this is not as accessible in Canada. 

The texture of the shimmers is not what I generally look for in a texture. The pressed glitters are not my favourite, but the shimmers are nice enough and look pretty on the eyes. I find that the pressed glitters are rather chunky on the eye, and have quite a bit of fall out. By the end of the day these glitters are all over my eyes and that is not what I am about. The colour stories at first glance, are lovely, but as I was using each palette, I found it very difficult to create a cohesive look without having that moment of “hm what should I use next”. What I mean by this, is say with another affordable palette the Wet n Wild Rose in the air, I find the shades in that palette are balanced and you are able to quickly identify what your next move should be where as in both of these palettes I find that I have to think about it. Alternatively, I like them because you can do a lot of one shade wonders which I am never opposed to. 

Whatever palette swatches

Would I recommend and repurchase? Yes, I would recommend if you want a trendy palette at a fair price and have tons of options. However, if you go for anything from Colourpop I would stick with the Super Shock Shadows. Personal faves are ritz and cosmic charge. I would not repurchase these palettes purely because I have so many others in my collection that I prefer the formula of, however because of the colour stories I will keep these around. In terms of affordable, well formulated palettes you can  more easily get in Canada, go for Wet ‘n’ Wild or ELF Cosmetics or Maybelline.

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