I was taking a hard look at my collection, and was looking at some items that I haven’t used in awhile, and some brands that I love the products but they have yet to pull up (looking at your hourglass) and other things that I enjoy but a few of the products either come from problematic brands or brands that have made no effort to create an inclusive shade range despite having the funds to do so. I am in no way saying that I don’t enjoy and use the mainstream products, but I wanted to give a few alternatives in case you wanted your money to go to small Independent businesses. 

The first product is an alternative to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Highlighting Palette (limited edition) and the Flower Beauty Shimmer and Strobe palette. Both palettes are beautiful and easy to use. I really enjoy the Hourglass one for a subtle glass like sheen on the cheekbones and is user friendly. However, if you want to support a independent Indigenous Brand the Cheekbone Beauty Star Dust palette is a beautiful alternative. This palette has three different shades, a blush topper and two highlighters that give a very similar glass like finish to the skin as the other two palettes and is from a small business. 

The second product is Bronzer. As we know, bronzer ranges are crap at the drugstore and high end. I have two bronzers that I love and use, but that don’t have the best shade ranges, and Charlotte Tilbury is a brand I’m still negotiating because they have yet to pull up (as has hourglass). I do love the Airbrush Bronzer and will continue to use it, but a bronzer range that is a bit less expensive, and far more expansive are the Vesca Bronzers. These have the same soft smooth formula as the Charlotte Tilburybut with 7 shades that range from super light to super deep. 

The final product I wanted to mention is the NYX Butter Gloss. While NYX does a decent job at shade ranges, and was the only brand to send pictures of their executive team to their consumers, I wanted to mention another Cheekbone Beauty product. The Cheekbone beauty lipgloss is my favourite lipgloss. Yes, I said it. Even over the Fenty gloss bomb (and a gasp from the audience). These gloss is not sticky, lasts for a large portion of the day, and comes in array of shades each with a name that has a special meaning and is named after different Indigenous women and activists.

Physicians Formula Sunkissed, Charlotte Tilbury, Vesca Kissed by Rio, Vesca kissed by Sanotrini
Cheekbone Beauty Gloss, NYX Butter Gloss
Hourglass, Flower Beauty, Cheekbone Beauty

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