When I started this blog, it was not a beauty blog or a lifestyle blog. It was a blog where I ranted, and talked about running, and talked about things I liked such as TV, but somewhere along the way it morphed into a beauty blog, featuring mostly affordable makeup with few high end products. I started this blog as a university, spending student loan money on that one high end product at the most, and then the rest on drugstore makeup, when I would go to the Loblaws on Richmond Street and wander into the makeup aisle. I spent many random nights just searching and buying whatever I saw my favourite person on YouTube using.

I also used to have a ton of time to watch in depth tutorials and try in depth tutorials. I used to love waking up a bit early, for my 10 a.m. class and doing a whole smokey eye from Melissa Alatorre and I used to use a palette every single day.I have found myself  gravitating towards single shadows for the daily. This has purely been out of convenience simply because i am always running late and I am always tired. I have been using the Glossier Lidstar (I LOVE THESE I WANT ALL THE SHADES BUT I’M ON A NO BUY) and the L’Oreal Colour Riche Shadows as well as the Colourpop Supershock shadows. I find just whipping something on with my finger has been the way I’ve been going versus the full on smokey eye. 

The way that I like to highlighter is using something like the Bobbi Brown Highlighter or some sort of cream highlighter. Don’t get me wrong, i still love the Glow Kits and more metallic highlighters like Mac Soft n Gentle, but for the most part, I have been gravitating towards highlighters that tend to give a more glossy finish, such as the Nudestix and the Bobbi Brown highlighter. 

Bold Lips. I have not worn a purple lipstick since I began being a social worker – so probably over a year. I have worn some diffuse bold lips or red lipstick but other than that, I’ve been a sheer, nude, or simple peach lipstick. I do still wear MAC See Sheer and keep a small collection of bold shades. I find though, as a woman literally on the go, wearing a sheer tinted lip balm or gloss has been my go to as of late. I still enjoy a bold shade, say when I got on a date with my best friend or go see my cousins but for the most part I have been a sheer lip person or a lip gloss person. And with masks, I find myself doing a lot of balms.

An old fave, Bite Beauty BeetRoot

Next is contouring. I do not contour anymore. I would say I sometimes have the hankering to, and I’ll still grab for that contour powder, but for the most part, I have been using bronzer, and at that layering a shimmery and matte bronzer, mostly to use up my collection but also because I enjoy layering them together to create a nice glow.

The first image ins 2017 and the second is 2020. I know the eyes looks similar but the lips were my signature bold lip and now I’m much more of a cheer gal.

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