This is something that I wanted to implement on he blog since I set myself the goal of buying one to two makeup products per month. Again, what is difficult is we all know we all just want to find joy in small things and while I don’t necessarily think it is inherently bad to buy makeup or anything, I think that it is nice to have some shiny new things to play with. I just think/know that my consumption can be a bit much and I am giving myself a pass right now, there’s not much else to do that is why lipstick sales went up during World War Two because it was one of the only commodities women could afford. Not that I am buying inexpensive makeup, but as someone who spent most money on travel but that is not happening. Anyway, here are the three items I bought. 

First, I got the Jlo Beauty complexion booster in pink champagne. This was something that I was eyeing as a new product at Sephora simply because it was one of those products that I was hoping would give me that glow that I’ve been seeking, that inner glow not to gold and intense but nice for the day to day. Even though yes for the most part it is hidden under a mask. This has a nice reflection to it without being glittery. 

The next item I got was the Revlon Fierce eyeshadow quad in Tantrum Caprice which i was hoping would be a dupe for the Tom Ford Body Heat quad. I have not tested my theory quite yet but i will say the sheerness of the shadows is similar and they both build up quite nicely. 

The Maybelline sky high mascara. This is not worth the hype. After a few uses, my lashes are not sky high, but they aren’t pointing down either. This isn’t the best mascara I’ve ever used but it isn’t the worst. Again, I bought it because I thought it would be a nice lengthening and curling mascara but it really is just a coating mascara for my lashes. 

I also made my auric order in January, but it has yet to come. Did you get anything this month?

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