Ok the title is a bit misleading. Some of these products were bought after the sale but the skincare was bought during the sale. This year, I was really at a crossroads with the Sephora Sale. I have been loving the rotation of my collection (sorry April was busy and I did not get the chance to post products I’m using) because it has been helping me defined which products I actually like. For the sale, I actually (for once) ran out of skincare in time for the sale. In terms of the makeup I bought after, I thought to myself if I really still want these products then I’ll buy them eventually, and then I curb sided a few products. Enjoy!


First, at the recommendation of JamiePaigeBeauty I bought the Laneige cream skin milk cleanser. This is lovely so far and removes the bulk of my makeup. I also wanted a new hydrating serum because my Kiehl’s one is on its last leg, so I got the Glow Recipe plum plump hyaluronic acid serum. I also got the Dr. Jart Ceramidin cream because I have seen this floating around the beauty space and it looked lovely. 


Now for the makeup I did not buy during the sale and paid full price for (love that for me). I bought a few items for a blog post I’m planning on doing and because I’ve had my sights on these products for quite awhile. First, I got two Charlotte Tilbury items (I know). The Light wonder Foundation and the Beauty Highlighter Wand. I have had both of these items in my loves list for so long, I felt it was time to take the plunge. I also bought the Fenty Cream blush in Petal Poppin. Mostly, I saw Estee Lalonde use this last year and have thought about it ever since.

To top off my unneeded makeup spree I bought a new lip product from Bare Minerals, the mineralist gloss balm. I was instantly attracted to the coral shade so naturally I bought it. When I tried this product it reminded me of a really nice lip balm with sheer pigment, and it actually hydrated my lips which is a huge win. It reminds me of the Fitglow lip serum.

Did you pick anything up from the sale?

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