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Sephora VIB Sale Haul

Ok the title is a bit misleading. Some of these products were bought after the sale but the skincare was bought during the sale. This year, I was really at a crossroads with the Sephora Sale. I have been loving the rotation of my collection (sorry April was busy and I did not get the chance to post products I’m using) because it has … Read More Sephora VIB Sale Haul


New in makeup

Me at the beginning of the year: I’m only going to do curated hauls. Also me: walks into the drugstore two times this month and buys makeup each time. Fam, I wanted to be a good soul and not buy drugstore makeup or at least as much but DAMN I can’t resist a new launch. I bought some goodies this month in the makeup … Read More New in makeup


Blune Day 7: New bits and bobs

Recently I have received from my birthday and treated myself to a few makeup bits that I have been curious about. A few of these have already been discussed on here but I wanted to show  a few things I’ve worked into my collection! First, my wonderful best friend got me the Hourglass bronzer in diffused bronze light. It is amazing. I love how … Read More Blune Day 7: New bits and bobs

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