Okay, so here’s the thing. I like makeup (clearly) and I tend to slightly over pack when I’m going literally anywhere. This occurred when I went to the UK with my dad and I may have brought a bit too much makeup. What I didn’t consider, was that there would be one bathroom, so basically I was always getting ready second and because I was on vacation I didn’t  want to take a long time getting ready because I wanted to be out exploring.

from left to right clockwise: FAB Tinted moistuirzer, The body shop mint mattifying setting spray, Colourpop Lunch Money, Soap and Glory Wonderbronze, Hourglass ambient Lighting Edit, Becca Champagne pop, Joe Fresh Lip balm, Revlon Youth FX concealer

So my original makeup bag was very…maximal if you will and I’m here to tell you I used none of it. So what did I use you may be asking? I wore the First Aid Beauty tinted moisturizer every single day. I found this to be the right amount of dew and the right amount of tint for the hot weather. I also used a concealer, the Revlon one pretty much and didn’t really set anything unless I really needed to which I used my Hourglass palette for. 

Becca Champagne Pop

Colourpop Lunch Money

When I bought the Soap and Glory wonderbronze bronzer on our first day we were exploring Oxford street I used it every day because it gave a wonderful glow to my already existing tan. As for a highlight I did alternate between two, my Colourpop and Becca champagne pop. As for blush I didn’t tend to use any accept the two from my Hourglass ambient lighting palette. For lips, I wore the Joe Fresh Mango lip balm.

Joe Fresh Mango Lip balm

It was also hotter than I was anticipating so I found that these products actually worked quite well in the heat. I used my Body Shop Matte setting spray which actually really held everything together, but I’m not sure how much I actually enjoy this because it does kind of irritate my skin upon application.

I am so guilty of over packing makeup now a days, I just like having so many options but in reality when your on vacation it’s likely you won’t be wearing much makeup! I think my thing was that I was gonna be super stylish like all the London gals but alas it was just too hot to wear a lot of makeup!   

What category or item do you always over pack?

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