I watch a lot of YouTube, as you may have realized and as my friends all know. Surprisingly one of the most popular questions I get is “which youtubers do you watch” and I always tell them my top ones which tend to be slightly bigger channels so in today’s post I’m gonna hit on a few smaller YouTubers. I also think I might make this into a series, like My favourite bloggers and content creators with varying size in platforms. Today’s editions are the somewhat smaller YouTubers that I follow! 

Aleeza/stylishandliterate. Aleeza has 15k subscribers Aleeza is a Canadian Youtuber (YES AMIRIGHT). She is mainly a beauty and lifestyle gal, she has great vlogs, great beauty content and a super soothing voice. I love her declutter series, her favourites and her vlogs. Essentially everything about her makes me happy. I really trust her skincare recommendations and I love her makeup style.



Crueltyfreebecky. She has 7k subscribers. I LOVE this channel so much. She is a British cruelty free and vegan Youtuber who has great content that is always informative and fun to watch. She tries a lot of cool brands and also gives you an idea of what makeup is outside of our reach in Canada. I like that she has a lot of thrifted content, a lot of ideas for vegan meals (I’m not a vegan but a lot of vegan recipes are cruelty free so it’s a win). Here is her instagram.

crueltyfree becky

cruelty free becky

Kelly Gooch. She has about 31k, a bit bigger than my first two faves.  I discovered her when I forayed into the project panning side of YouTube. She creates really original or at least less common content then some of the bigger folk on YouTube which I love. She has really inspired me to shop my stash and pan products. I also like that she doesn’t make me want to buy things (as with crueltyfreebecky) but she also adds things into her collection with such thought and research that I have been inspired to do the same. Here is her Instagram.

Kelly gooch


Rebecca Morgan. Again, supporting my Canadian gals, she has 3k subscribers. I found her through searching for project panning and she is just such a gem. I love her style and aesthetic and her videos. She always does realistic challenges like her 1 month 2 palettes, and I love her amount of empties content because it really inspires me to use up product! Here is her Instagram. 
rebecca morgan
rebecca morgan

Ymorbeauty. This is the smallest channel I will discuss today. Her name is Romy and she as a great, well curated blog with informative and interesting content and has just started posting more on her YouTube channel that has 307 subscribers. I love her instagram page, its inspiring for me to be more creative with my flat lays. Go follow her, you won’t be disappointed.

ymor beauty flat lay


Who are your favourite content creators?


P.S none of these photos are my own they are all screenshots and the own creators respective photos.

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