I was going through my old blog posts and trying to see what I could revive or update in terms of a blog post. I found my old, favourite nude lipstick blog post and realized that I don’t have any of those left anymore in my collection and felt the need to create a new post for 2020. 

Fenty Glazed. This is one of the most lovely juicy lip options that creates that effect on your lips that you crave. Though we are wearing masks right now this is an option that I like to wear at work, and have in my bag for that rehydration.

Nudestix Crave. While I am not supporting nudestix at all right now, I do like this shade and because I have it in my collection I wanted to include it as a favourite nude. I find this to be a background nude in my collection and it has a really nice rich mauve undertone. 

Burt’s Bees Matte Stick in Buttery Blush. This is one of the few matte shades in my collection and i love it. It  has a soft matte finish and comes in a variety of shades. These are very similar to the old Colourpop Blotted lip sticks. 

Colourpop x Safia Fred and Bikini Bottom. These two shades are true nudes. Both have beige or grey undertones and come in a beautiful creme finish. 

Cheekbone beauty Melina Liquid lipstick. This is the OG liquid lipstick that I love. This is a nice peachy nude that is not the same colour as my lips but is just unique enough that I always get compliments and mixes well with a lip balm too for a more muted effect.

Left to right: Cheekbone Melina, Fenty Glazed, Burt’s Bees Buttery Blush, Nudestix Crave, Colourpop Crave, Colourpop Mrs. Norris.

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