As we all know, Glossier is in hot water with its treatment of employees. I wanted to curate a little dupes and alternatives post for you in order to fully encapsulate the best dupes I could find for you. 

The Glossier lid star. This is a more sheer liquid shadow that creates a nice worn look on the lid. There are actually not too many dupes of this I have found. I tried a few, I tried the Makeup Revolution liquid shadow, and the Quo liquid shadow, but they did not have that same finish or texture. The best dupe I have found is the Sephora sheer liquid shadow which is the closest almost the same finish and texture, and far more accessible and cheaper in Canada. The other best liquid shadow dupe is the Kosas liquid shadow. Both of these create a smooth, sheer look.  These are not colour dupes but have the same vibe.

Glossier Lid Star, Charlotte Tilbury, Sephora Collection Sheer Shadow, Kosas Liquid Shadow

The cloud paints: Quo Featherweight liquid blush, the NYX Sweet Cheeks tint and the flower beauty blush bomb. These are three pretty popular dupes for the cloud paint that I have seen. I would say the biggest difference is that the cloud paints are a more whipped texture, but the other’s have the same finish with just a slightly different texture out of the tube. If you want a higher end dupe, the NARS liquid blush is a perfect dupe both in finish and formula.

Glossier Dawn, Beam, NYX Almost Famous, Quo Pure, Flower Pinched, NARS Torrid

The Glossier skin tint. There aren’t a ton of options at the drugstore for a dupe of this product, because if I am being honest with myself, this is actually a pretty unique formula, but a formula exclusive to someone whose skin doesn’t have hardly any blemishes etc. The best dupe is the NYX Bare with me Skin Tint in terms of coverage and texture. It is light weight with slightly more coverage. Another really decent option is the Quo foundation. While this is definitely full coverage, this has the same runny consistency and just has far more coverage than the Glossier. Another spot on dupe in formula in my opinion is the L’Oreal true match foundation. While this is an annoying application, no pump, it is the best dupe I’ve come across. It has that super light coverage and is so easy to use. It also comes in a buttload of shades and is more easily accessible than Glossier. 

Glossier Skin Tint, NYX Skin Tint, Quo Foundation, Cle CC Cream, Hourglass Skin Tint, L’Oreal true Match Foundation

If you wanted a super expensive dupe, the Hourglass Hyaluronic acid skin tint is actually a really lovely dupe. It is one of those products that looks better as you go throughout the day. This is a beautiful lighter coverage skin tint. The shade range is not terrible, but its also not great. AND they recently came out with the illumie sheer trio in one damn shade. Like it’s so hard to support a brand that does crap like that. 

The other more high end dupe that I found was the NARS tinted moisturizer. Yes, this is a tinted moisturizer but I find that this is such a good dupe for the skintint. While more expensive, it seems this continues to stand the test of time in terms of products that are out there. This also only has 12 shades but has enough that cover the span of the shade range, and as sketchy as NARS bronzer range is, I feel like this one is a good option if you have access to a shoppers or sephora you can easily obtain this.

A indie makeup company is called nichebeauty that sells different brands. I saw thebirdspapaya using the cle cc cream and I immediately thought of the Glossier skin tint. This is not as liquidy as the skin tint, but it does blend into your skin tone – it comes out white and then matches to your skin tone, and comes in 12 shades and seemingly appears to be a decent shade range. Definitely an option if you want to support small business. 

The Glossier Stretch concealer was difficult to pinpoint many dupes for. I thought the Covergirl clean fresh concealer might be a dupe, but I don’t find it as smooth and hydrating under the eyes. Then I thought maybe the Rare beauty one was, but again, it does not feel the same under the eye as the Glossier. The Glossier is light coverage yet still makes you look away without being to :makeupy” and I have yet to find a dupe that fits the bill for me in that department. I will keep looking. 

Glossier, Covergirl, ELF

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