Quo Liquid Holiday shadows: Review and Comparison

Liquid shadows are eye shadows, in a liquefied form. They are generally very glittery and shimmery, but some are also matte. When I saw the Quo Holiday Collection in ShoppersDrugMart I had to pick up the Fenty inspired liquid glitter shadows. I was really hoping these would scratch the same itch that the Colourpop Supernova shadows do but they are not my favourite.

Let’s start with the Quo ones. They are in this triangular packaging and come in three shades, gold, pink, and silver. When swatched, these shadows do have lots of pigment, but I find on the eyes each shade sort of just blends away and only has a slight tinge of each colour. I find that the shades in this are perfect for a glitzy holiday look, but for during the day, I’m not sure if its something I’m going to wear at the time as I find the glitter is quite chunky. These also have quite a bit of fall out so I’d recommend some sort of glitter glue underneath. 

The MAC Dazzle shadows have a similar vibe, but are slightly more finely milled and don’t have hardly any colour to them. I find these are better for layering and less messy than the quo. These stick a bit better to the eye and a look a bit less chunky than the quo. I have the shade blinking brilliant, that I got at the cosmetics company store, but compared to how these look online, this does not have that pigment behind the glitter that I thought it would. I saw KatieJaneHughes used this one (or one of them) and they looked beautiful on her. I find that the dazzleshadows look less chunky and don’t have fall out but are not my favourite of the liquid shadows I own. 

The best liquid shadow of the three I own is the Colourpop supernova shadow (which I have a feeling are discontinued which makes me very sad). This shadow is exactly what I want in a liquid shadow. It has an easy glide-on formula, with no fallout and is basically a shadow, that has been liquefied. These don’t crease (though I need a primer) and the color and shimmer is absolutely beautiful. 

I would like to try the Milani and the Stila liquid shadows to have more things to compare this to,  but for now, these are the three that I have rotating for now. If you are wanted a super glittery one night a year (or for the day if that is your game). I think overall, the Quo liquid shadows are a nice topper to an eye look, but for me personally, I don’t think I would wear these alone like I do with the Colourpop.

The swatches

Left to right: MAC Cosmetics, Colourpop Supernova Shadow, Quo Shadows in silver, pink, and gold

How I achieve Glowing Skin

I don’t think I have a signature, but I think most people would say my claim to fame is my dewy skin. Dewy skin is where I live and breathe my daily life. Highlighter, give it to me, dewy primer, yes please, super hydrating moisturizer, hello yes I’d like that too. I thought I would do a dedicated post about how I achieve the glowing skin that I seem to put out into the world. 

The prep

Cleansing, spray toner, and moisturizer. I don’t clean my skin with a cleanser in the morning but I do wipe it off with a cloth then use a lovely spray toner whichever one is in my rotation, and then about four pumps of my Clinique moisturizer followed by my eye cream. I find the biggest part of keeping my skin glowy is the night time skincare routine that I have. Now, by no means is this current routine THE routine but it’s certainly a good one. I cleanse, tone, serum, and hydrate. Sometimes I throw in oil, or the Sunday Riley good genes serum at my night time routine but I’ve really been simplifying. In the morning, I cleanse and moisturize and serum. I find that the better you skin prep is, night and day, the more naturally glowy your skin is going to be under makeup.

The makeup

I like to begin with a hydrating primer or the Glamglow nude glow moisturizer. I recently purchased the Too Face Hangover Rx primer and have been loving it so far. I then put on a liquid highlighter, the Anastasia one or my Perricone MD No Highlighter highlighter, and proceed to do either spot concealer or a lightweight foundation or BB Cream. Currently, I’m loving the Klairs supple illuminating cream. It has a slight tint and its quite easy to blend in. I then move onto to bronzer, either matte or shimmer as I find that it doesn’t really matter, as long as your other base products are dewyer. I then head to a powder highlighter or a cream highlighter (sometimes both). I find the key for a true dew is to get a highlighter that is similar to your skin tone. I find a pinky champagne highlighter or a clearer glossy highlighter (think Nudestix Illuminaughty) creates that lit from within look. I find that instead of using a foundation, while you can get a glowy finish from one, I spot conceal so let my skin shine through.

For blush, I look for something that isn’t obviously dewy, but gives a good sheen to the cheeks. I prefer creams for this, but there are powders I enjoy as well if creams aren’t your jam. My current favourite blush for the dewy complexion I like is the Nudestix cream blush in Body Language. This is a matte blush but it creates a nice sheen to the cheeks and is easy to use. I also go to the MAC Sheertone blush in Peach Twist when I want a nice, pigmented but not too overbearing blush. This has enough sheen in it that it makes for a nice dewy blush in a powder form.

Tis The Season to Blush

I feel like this time of year I always need to over blush to complete my daily routine. Something, that warms up my face and has a lovely flushed look. I wanted to go over a few blushes that I have been gravitating towards for the fall, some new, and some old favorites. 

Revlon Naughty Nude

This is a nude shade, with mauve undertones and some gold shimmer running throughout the blush. I really like this one because it is a mauve tone but has enough beige in it that it doubles as a bronzer. I find I can just slap this one and not need anything else on my cheeks. This formula is their new formula, so it said on the packaging and is super smooth and buttery.

L’Oreal Warm Honey

This L’Oreal blush is a classic in my collection. It is just what it sounds like. Bare Honey with a bit of a tan orange undertone. It is a really lovely, warm-toned but neutral-ish blush. I like it because again, it’s not overly pigmented but is just pigmented enough to create a lovely flush.

Clinique Cola Pop

This was a blush I purchased inspired by Make up your mind and Samantha Jane YT. It is a dark toned plum, red blush that gives the best “just came home from the cold” look to the cheeks. If you go lighthanded, I’m talking a tap on the blush, it blends out beautifully to a sheer red plum shade

Physicians Formula Butter Blush in Vintage Rose

This is a classic blush in my collection. It is a rose blush that pulls a bit nude-pink on me. I love it because of the smooth formula. I think this blush really transcends seasons but it fits in with the current fall rainy weather with its dusty rose vibe. 

MAC Peach Twist

MAC Peach twist is a sheertone blush with a copper, peach tones and golden shimmer. This shimmer does not pull glittery on the skin and you can’t go wrong with this one. For me, it pulls a bit more beige warm and matches many eyes looks that are neutral to cool, however, I wouldn’t pair this with say a naked heat. 

The Swatches

Physicians Formula Rose All Day highlighter comparison

It is no secret that my absolute favourite makeup product is highlighter. Also blush… but let’s save that for another day. I find that the golden highlighters on my fair skin are difficult to pull off in terms of undertone but yet golden and champagne highlighter are one of my favourite shades of highlighter, versus an icy white highlighter. I recently purchased the Physician Formula rose highlighter in Freshly Picked, thinking it would be similar to my Estee Lauder or my Amrezy but I found that it was a bit too dark on my skin. This revelation then brought me to this post, a comparison between all of my golden highlighters because I love me a good shimmer. 

close up of estee lauder highlighter
ABH Highlighter, Physician formula highlighter, estee lauder heatwave
Charlotte Tilbury vs Cheekbone beauty in compacts
Covergirl highligting palette

Let’s begin with the description of the Physician’s formula highlighter is described as champagne, but in my opinion, it is yellow gold with what feels like a darker bronze base. Estee Lauder heatwave is yellow gold but with a lighter base and more of a champagne shade but is described as an all-over bronzer but is really a highlighter (or am I getting it mixed up with the bronzer, I don’t know). Then we have our Nars Forte De France highlighter, that is a light-medium gold, according to Sephora, and I find swatches sheerly but on the skin packs a punch. The Anastasia Beverly Hills is more of light gold champagne that is warm but not yellow. The Covergirl highlighting palette is a lovely palette of neutral highlighters. The cheekbone highlighter, you would think would pull dark, but is really more of a golden dusting with a warm undertone but not a yellow base. The Charlotte Tilbury is by far the lightest in colour and is a pale champagne shade. 

swatches of all highlighters
Highlighters all open

The Physicians Formula is a beautiful highlighter but is also not as finely milled as I would like. I think that it is a beautiful shade. It has a light rose scent and is quite smooth, albeit not has finely milled as others in my collection. On my skin I find this looks quite dark on the cheeks and does not mesh into my skin like the butter highlighter from Physicians Formula. In comparison to the Estee Lauder, I feel like I can really “see” the Physician Formula Rose highlighter on my skin versus being able to really blend in the highlighter to look, as one with my skin as possible. In comparison to the Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Amrezy highlighter the Physicians Formula does not have that same “meshability” as the ABH. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy is a glossy, wet-look highlighter that gets more glossy as I blend it into my skin it gets even more glossy. The formula of this is also smooth and easy to work with. 

The comparison

Physicians Formula Rose vs Amrezy on the bottom

Nars Forte De France is a highlighter that I find is most similar in the look on my skin. While the Nars swatches more sheerly but I find that it appears like the same dark warm shade of the physician’s formula. 

Physicians Formula compared to NARS on the bottom
Physicians Formula compared to Cheekbone beauty on the bottom

The Cheekbone beauty highlighter in gold dust actually does not appear darker on my skin, in the same way that the golden of the Physician’s Formula sits on my skin. I find the Cheekbone really blends into too look seamless and it isn’t as warm.

Physicians Formula compared to Covergirl Highighters on the bottom

The same goes for the Covergirl highlighters as well. I find these are gold, but with neutral to almost grey undertones instead of the yellow warm undertones of the Physicians formula.

Physicians Formula compared to Charlotte Tilbury on the bottom

The Charlotte Tilbury is by far the lightest champagne shade of the bunch. While the Physicians Formula highlighter is described as champagne, it just is not the same champagne as the Charlotte Tilbury that is a very light, almost white based gold.

What is your favourite highlighter?